I started by playing with resume-cli after I saw several different themes that caught my eye.

I found some basic install instructions

npm install -g resume-cli
resume init

and decided to have a crack. after editing resume.json and filling out as much as I cared to for the first 35 seconds I ran

resume serve

And as expected it fired up, however it was listening on, not having any desire to muck around with iptables at 7am on a Sunday morning I went hunting to find where it bound to only.

vim /usr/local/lib/node_modules/resume-cli/node_modules/node-static/bin/cli.js

edit this file and change the following section, specifically the default from to

.option('host-address', {
    alias: 'a',
    'default': '',
    description: 'the local network interface at which to listen'

Start the server again and resume-cli will be listening on all interfaces.