Some people may find this completely useless, however recently I had a need to copy large volumes of data to another server to generate enough traffic to test RRD tool, not wanting to use ping I created a large file using the following command:

dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/large.file bs=1000000000 count=1

To explain the purpose of the command a little more, dd is the command being using to generate the file. if=/dev/zero/ is the input for creation of the file, long story short, this will fill the file with all zeros. of=/tmp/large.file is the output file, I choose to use /tmp because it is for temporary files. bs=1000000000 is the number of bytes for the file and finally count=1 means it will only create the file to the bs size you specified.

This will create a file that is approximately 1Gb in size, well according to most ISP’s that is. I then used

scp /tmp/large.file username@remotehost:/home/username/large.file 

to transfer the file. Once this was complete to ensure that the graphs were being generated correctly, 5 minutes later I repeated the secure copy however changed the large.file to large.file2

The final result was a nice pretty management graph that contained two spikes for the time it took to transfer the “junk” file, which can then be deleted.